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Traditionally focused on the French energy efficiency certificate (CEE) scheme, Enalia is constantly expanding into new fields.

We now work across every sector, industry, and trade involved in energy efficiency.

Our expertise

Energy efficiency brings together sectors that had never looked likely to meet: finance, the key to any investment; technical professions, to provision a project and guarantee results; and support for people, necessary at every stage of the process.

Through our five subsidiaries and synergies across numerous fields, every day Enalia is learning new skills to deliver increasingly ambitious projects.


In-depth analysis of spaces and premises, to fully understand their challenges and constraints. Dialogue with building users. Analysis of energy consumption and behaviours.


Setting realistic objectives tailored to the businesses or lifestyles in question, to reduce energy use over time. Taking care of grant applications on behalf of the user. Helping clients to select the right tradespeople and the right materials. Comparing quotes and helping the client to choose the right one to meet their needs.


Coordinating and overseeing proper completion of the project. Guaranteeing compliance with deadlines and proper allocation of grants.

Case study 1 : Alto

Analyse. Alto carried out technical assessments on-site - collective dwelling, public building - to assess the work that would be required and provide an initial estimate of the expected energy savings.

Deliver. Alto conducted a chorus of trades involved in energy retrofitting, and made sure that the project progressed as planned with as little disruption as possible for the client, for whom they were the sole point of contact.

Case study 2 : Neutrali

Analyse. Neutrali conducts energy audits in factories, where its team of engineers speaks to staff, gathers data from the field, and analyses them to form the basis of future recommendations.

Recommend. Neutrali offers a number of action plans for industry and the tertiary sector, to help them plan their energy saving operations over the long term.

Case study 3 : Pass'Renov

Recommend. Pass'Renov will help households to choose their retrofitting projects in line with their budgets and any grants that are available, while taking their life plans into account.

Deliver. Pass'Renov helps households to manage their energy use, to reduce it to an absolute minimum.

Case study 4 : Enr’cert & Abokine

Recommend. Enr’cert and Abokine provide their trades partners with technical and regulatory training, taking their positioning and business maturity into account. The tradespeople can then refine their services as a result.

Deliver. Enr’Cert and Abokine assist their partners in sourcing optimal funding for their projects. They also help monitor the quality of their work.

& taking things further

Leading tradespeople into new professions linked to environmental challenges.

Without tradespeople, we wouldn’t exist. Our duty is to help them seize the opportunities that come with energy retrofitting, and to adapt to a sector with constantly evolving technical and regulatory dimensions.

Guiding consumers in new energy efficiency projects

Being a source of ideas or supporting a project that is ready to start... We adapt our work to each individual case, according to the same guiding principle: leading consumers towards the most ambitious plans.

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